Nov 06, 2016
Florida Keys oceanfront home for sale by owner, Duck Key Florida

FSBO stands for “for sale by owner”. And it shouldn’t be terrifying.


Let’s start by addressing the obvious. Buying a FSBO home in Duck Key is a scary proposition. You want an oceanfront mansion in the Florida Keys but you think navigating the process of buying one without a real estate agent could be tricky. It is. You believe FSBO language is super confusing. It can be.

But you can do this.

Let’s take some of the fear and anxiety out of buying a FSBO home in Duck Key by looking at the pros and cons.

First off, the cons.

  1. You will have to do some leg work. Scheduling appraisers, inspections and meeting the timetable set by the contract. Yes, it’s intimidating, but then again you are taking control of the situation and being this involved means you know every little detail of what’s going on.
  2. You’ll need to hire an attorney to help with the paperwork, be your closing agent, and hold your deposit in his escrow account. Again, it sounds like a lot, but if you can find a real estate lawyer who you connect with, you’ll find the immersion in the process rather rewarding, if not outright empowering.
  3. You have to get everything in writing. You know how much verbal contracts are worth. And you know how easily details can be confused or forgotten.

Okay, now the good stuff:

  1. When you pull the trigger on your FSBO oceanfront home in the Florida Keys there are NO REAL ESTATE AGENT FEES (I’ve put that in caps because it’s that big of a pro). Now, I know what you’re thinking: But doesn’t the seller pay the real estate agent’s commission-5-6%? Yes, they do. But don’t think that doesn’t get factored into the price when listed by a realtor? No fees means more negotiating flexibility which puts the buyer in a better bargaining position.
  2. You and the seller can talk directly which may lead to a better rapport and smoother negotiation.
  3. Who better to show the home than the person who lives there? The owner knows the ins and outs of the house and the neighborhood. And don’t worry, Florida law demands that the seller disclose any adverse conditions.

See? Buying a Duck Key luxury home for sale by owner isn’t such a scary proposition. Ready to move forward? Give me a call and let’s start the process together.