Lobster Season in the Florida Keys

Oct 29, 2016

If you happen to be looking for duck key homes for sale, you should probably know about a secret this particular Duck Key real estate has.

Overlooking pool - lobster season in Florida keys

Florida Keys gets even more idyllic.


Lobster season in the Florida Keys.

Yes, most real estate for sale in the Florida Keys will get you close to the lobster, but let’s be honest – what you’re really looking for are Florida Keys oceanfront homes for sale that put you right next to the lobsters every day of the eight month season. Like Villa Venezia.

During lobster season, I catch lobster as often as I like right off the back of my yard. And when you love lobster like I do, that can be a daily affair.

I just pulled in a few this afternoon and will be grilling them up for dinner in a little while. But it struck me that not everyone knows exactly what it takes to pull in your own lobster.

So, here’s a quick tutorial.

Gear for catching lobster while snorkeling off your back yard:

Lobster Measuring Tool
Tickle Stick
Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen


The Technique
Florida lobster usually travel by walking forward very slowly. But, when they get scared they flex their tail in a sort of flipper motion to send themselves backwards at high speed. Preying on this natural reaction is the key to catching them easily.

Okay, so you’ve donned your mask, snorkel and fins, hopped in the beautiful Duck Key water behind Villa Venezia and looked around the sea wall for dinner. You spot a nice sized lobster under a rock or in a hole.

Take your tickle stick and slide it behind the lobster. Once you get it back there, give it a tap on its tail. That should cause the lobster to slowly move forward. If it doesn’t not walk forward, be a little more aggressive with your taps or use your tickle stick in a sweeping motion to try and force it out of the hole.

Once it is out of the hole, quickly get your net behind it.

Then either trap the lobster between the ground and your net or give it a tap it on the forehead, to trigger it’s tail/flipper reflex shooting it quickly into your net. Just make sure that once you get it in the net you keep it there. Don’t worry if you lose one every once in a while. It happens. And the good news is that there are plenty more where that came from.

One very important thing to remember, you can’t take a lobster out of the water or put it into your bag until you make sure it’s legal. That’s where your measuring tool comes into play.

Make sense? Hope so. And if you happen to in the market for property for sale in the Florida Keys, I hope you need to use it soon 😉